Hello, My name is Cordelia Gray and I am committed to offering you the space to explore your issues and concerns and enabling you to gain more insight and understanding in your life.

What’s it all about?

Who is it for?
Do you need the services on offer at Sheffield Psychotherapy? There are many reasons for seeking counselling. You may be feeling upset and distressed and have problems with your thoughts, relationships or behaviour. You may have had a sudden life crisis such as losing your job, relationship breakdown, a bereavement or recent illness. It may be that you have felt that life has no meaning or you have no idea what you are doing with your life.
Some of the issues I have experience working with.

What you can expect in my sessions

Counselling offers you a place to explore diffculties you are having in your personal life with someone who is trained neither to judge nor advise you, but to explore and unlock your feelings, which may have been hidden for years. Here at Sheffield Psychotherapy, past and present relationships will be talked about as well as your relationship with the counsellor. It may well feel upsetting or uncomfortable but it will help you to understand more about yourself. From this you may begin to feel less confused, or make changes in your life, or come to terms with things or events that we have no control over. I believe people can change. I believe it because I have seen it: both with clients and in myself.
No matter how lost, confused, anxious, depressed or frustrated you feel, things can change, you can gain greater clarity. Using the arts enables you to connect with your inner knowing and awareness. You already have the capacity to make changes and have greater freedom in your everyday life, my role is to support and guide you in that process. One of the key parts of psychotherapy is the relationship between therapist and client. I see this as the most important factor
in enabling change to happen.
Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

Some of our recent art

Why come to me

  • I am an experienced therapist
  • I am passionate about enabling people to listen to themselves & unlock creative potential
  • I am UKCP registered

A little inspiration

I will be placing some of my thoughts and inspirations here from time to time.
I hope these will be of some help.


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